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Minilec offers the widest, most extensive, and most reliable line of Motor & Pump Protection relays, Phase Failure Relays, Microprocessor Based Annunciation & event-monitoring Systems, Industrial Software for today's industrial markets worldwide.

Minilec has traditionally been the leading producer of phase failure relays & motor protection relays since the late 1960's. Today our products have been recognized as the best in Quality, Delivery, and Customer satisfaction. This site will guide you to identify your needs with a suitable Minilec product & buy it from Minilec Authorised Dealer : Noble Electrade.

Minilec products are as below.

  • Phase failure relays
  • Power transuders and multifunction meters.
  • Motor/pump protection relays
  • Electronic timers
  • Liquid level controllers
  • Soft starters
  • Monitoring relays.
  • Agriculture products- spp.
  • Alarm annunciators

MINILEC Products (Click to Enlarge)

  • DSC 0043
  • DSC 0045
  • Preventors